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Health Luck Reading $5.99 - State of health during the lifetime, types of health problems that you could be prone to and more. This is a personalized consultation report and hence we cannot say before hand how many pages it will be.
Lucky Gemstone $8.99 - Lucky gemstones help strengthen the positive qualities in an individual at the same time help minimize effects of the the negative qualities. Natal charts give a strong indication of what gemstones will be suitable for an individual.
Career Vs Business $6.99 - Find out if you will be sucessful in working for someone or working for yourself. Some people who have not done so well working for others have become experienced huge success doing business on their own. Find out what your natal charts hold for you.
Marriage Children $8.99 - Some are the marrying kind and others are not. Yet there is subsect within the marrying kind that do not get married until late in life. Find out what meaning your natal chart holds in the marriage and children luck area.
Education and Profession $6.99 - Types of educational and career fields in which you can experience the maximum success. What is maximum depends on an individual educational and career strength. This report gives suggestions on the fields that you can get the best results for your hard work.
Wealth Inheritance $5.99 - Some are born into wealth and some inherit wealth during the course of their lifetime. Find out what your natal charts hold for you. This is a personalized consultation report and hence we cannot say before hand how many pages it will be.
Relationship Luck $8.99 - Some people have a tendency to make friends really fast. Folks love to be in their company. Yet there is the other category where a person who is equally as nice experiences a lot of difficulty making friends or holding on to relationships.
Lucky Wedding Date $8.99 - Wedding day is a very important day to remember. Because it is the day when your life changes for the better, a day when you make a vow to walk with your loved one for better or for worse for as long as you shall live. So why not find a date and time that will be the most suitable for you and your partner?


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